Fencing Skills !

  • 4 Classes, 3 Weapons, 2 Much Fun, 1 Hour each week
  • Is the sport of fencing right for you? This class is designed to give each individual a taste of fencing with each of the three modern Olympic weapons. Experience why fencing has been called “Physical Chess” while getting a great workout and meeting new people.
  • “Introduction to Fencing” classes begins on the first week of the month, 1 hour per week
  • Week 1: Get acquainted with the 3 weapons (Foil, Saber, Epee), Salute, Footwork
  • Week 2: Foil “The Training Weapon for the Small-Sword”
  • Week 3: Saber “The Calvary Weapon”
  • Week 4: Epee “The Dueling Weapon”
  • Each class will include bouting with your classmates.
  • If you purchased a 6 session class through a promotional offer, the additional two classes will allow you to become further exposed to the weapon or weapons of your choosing. Ask your instructor for more details.
  • Equipment needed for class: t-shirt (maybe 2), Long sweat or exercise pants (Please,
    no Shorts or Jeans), socks, closed toe tennis shoes, water bottle
  • Please come 10-15 Minutes early for the first class to fill out some paperwork, there is an additional $10.00 US Fencing membership fee for insurance purposes, and please bring your discount voucher or payment.