Our Philosophy

We teach fun, combat, and winning; you learn life & team skills, emotional mastery and fencing.

We are a non-profit club focused on students 8-18 years as well as vets. In the hands of a good teacher, the sport enables mastering some important skills of life.

Skills we promote:

  • listening
  • becoming coach-able
  • un-learning and re-learning
  • channeling frustration
  • helping teammates grow
  • dedication to success
  • working hard is fun and worth it

Come learn these skills and apply them to become a winning fencer.

Fencing is cardio chess or physical chess. Fencing makes you fit, improves coordination, builds muscles and stamina, harnesses the inner competitive spirit, and develops the overall personality.

Since 1981, we have become one of the larger fencing clubs in Western North America. Come grow with us at TFC where we are dedicated to the art and sport of fencing!