Historical Fencing

Introduction to Historical Fencing - $125 monthly

Join us in exploring the historical art of sword fighting! This class will introduce you to the martial arts of the European knights and musketeers. Learn the skills and techniques that modern fencing descended from. The introductory class will familiarize you with Longsword, Heavy Saber and Rapier. This class is taught in a safe and fun environment (protective gear is provided); this class follows Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) guidelines.

Beginning Historical fencing - $155 monthly

We examine the historical martial arts, from where the modern sport of fencing descends. Understanding the basis of combat is intriguing and an important part of our history, and at some level an innate part of ourselves. Come discover a part of yourself. This Historical Martial Arts Foundations class is an introductory level overview of combat fundamentals including:
• Footwork and distance
• Unarmed techniques
• Practical considerations of fighting with sharp and heavy weapons.
We cover curriculum common to multiple historical fighting styles, preparing you for effective study of the weapon of your choosing, whether longsword, single-handed sword, rapier, or dueling saber.

Equipment will be provided, though students are welcome and encouraged to bring their mask and jacket if available. Wear comfortable athletic shoes with minimal heel rise and full-coverage, comfortable clothing.

Advanced Classes will be weapon specific and will require TFC Membership which will allow you to participate in open bouting sessions six days a week, and many other perks.

When students are ready to continue their journey beyond Beginning Fencing, they should purchase their fencing equipment.