Ready to Fence? 

Guidance last updated October 10, 2020
The Fencing Center has been approved by the Santa Clara County Department of Health
to hold in-person Camps ONLY for school-aged participants, ages 8 to 18-years-old  in our facility at 1290 S. 1st Street.

TFC will follow Santa Clara County COVID-19 Protocols.
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Face Coverings must be worn by all staff and participants.

COVID-19 Prepared warnings, prohibitions, and advisements are posted at all entrances.

TFC has divided our 15,500 square foot facility into four quadrants (PODs)

Each POD is limited to a maximum of 16 stable (nonchanging) participants with 1 Coach. First come first served.

Participants will not be allowed to move from one group to another or from one POD to another.

Each POD has its own entrance, training equipment, and sanitizing equipment.

Participants must bring their own fencing gear. TFC will not loan weapons or safety equipment.

Parent/adult participant is not allowed, nor or are they allowed inside the facility to minimize the number of adults in close contact with children/youth and personnel.

Children/youth may participate in only one Program at a time, and may not move from one Program to another.

TFC is maintaining records of personnel and participants assigned to each stable group, any changes to those assignments, and the dates of such changes, including daily attendance records, tracking possible incidents of exposure.

Social Distancing Protocols:
Parents are encouraged to stay in their cars to drop off/pick up.
TFC has divided our facility into four separate rooms (PODs) to allow for 4 separate groups of students.
Within each POD, participants are kept at least 6 feet apart from each other.

Hand Sanitizer to provided in each POD. Spray Disinfectant is in each bathroom and each person must spray surfaces after each use. Hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds is enforced.

The TFC facilities are properly ventilated with fans and open windows and doors.

Participants must bring their own Brown Bag lunch and snacks.

COVID-19 warnings, prohibitions, and advisements are posted at all entry/exits.

TFC requires parents/guardians and personnel to immediately report to TFC administration if Program participants or personnel feel ill,  test positive for COVID-19, or if one of their household members or non-household close contacts test positive for COVID-19.