Competitive Fencing Classes

The Competitive Classes are weapon specific and designed to hone the fencers‚Äô skills, build endurance and prepare fencers¬†for tournaments on the local, national, or international stage in a particular weapon. Specifically, these classes reinforce the core skills taught in Fencing Skills classes, and¬†further¬†develop¬†the fencer’s skill¬†set including, but not limited to,¬†strategies and tactics,¬†fencing time, second intention, feints, and¬†attacks (e.g. counter-attacks, fleche, etc.).¬†Please register for a Competitive Level 1 class, unless you have prior authorization from a coach for a level 2 class.¬†Private Lessons are recommended with these programs (at least one private lesson a week is required, and¬†students may take¬†up to three a week).

Fencing Skills

Fencing Skills is a class designed to give the the young, beginning fencer, the skills and abilities to grow themselves and their confidence, in their physical, mental, and emotional abilities.  The foundational support gained through these abilities allows the fencer more freedom and awareness to focus on the combat of the bout.  The foundation gained in this class will benefit the fencer throughout his/her fencing career.

Competitive Level 1 Olympic Fencing

Competitive Level 2 Olympic Fencing

Competitive Level 3 Olympic Fencing