Recreational Fencing

Introduction to Fencing - $125 Monthly

Is the sport of fencing right for you? This class is designed to give each individual a taste of fencing with each of the three modern olympic weapons. Experience why fencing has been called “Physical Chess” while getting a great workout and meeting new people.


Adult Introduction to Fencing (ages 13 and up) = 1 classes a week for 1 hour = 4 Classes

Youth Introduction to Fencing (ages 8 to 12) = 1 classes a week for 1 hour = 4 Classes

Mixed Ages Introduction to Fencing (All Ages) = 1 classes a week for 1 hour = 4 Classes

Beginning Fencing (Foundations) - $155 Monthly

Beginning Fencing designed to give a solid introduction to the basics of fencing to prepare students for bouting. Class sessions explain basics and then proceed with the topics including: safety, warm-up and stretching, footwork (advance, retreat, lunge, advance-lunge), lines of attack, lines of defense, beat attacks, disengage, bouting rules and skills, refereeing bouts. For new students, TFC recommends two or more months. When the fencer is ready to precede to the next class or program they should also be prepared to buy their own equipment.

Adult Beginning Fencing (ages 13 and up) 1 x a week 1.5 hrs each class

Youth Beginning Fencing (ages 8 to 12) 1 x a week 1.5 hrs each class

Mixed Ages Beginning Fencing (Youth and Adults) 1 x a week 1.5 hrs each class

Intermediate Fencing (Skills) - $155 monthly

Intermediate Fencing builds on the basics of fencing in two areas. 1. Core skills and expertise and 2. Strategic play to respond to other fencers actions and attacks. Both of these require the ability to separate fencing actions from noise, and then react back in the fencing language rather than in with emotion or theatrics. This includes focus on bladework, footwork, tactical drills, and competence in learning and speaking the fencing language.

  • Adult Intermediate Fencing (ages 13 and up) 2 classes a week 1 hr each class (M-W, T-Th, W-F)

Advanced Fencing (Strategy and Tactics) - $185 Monthly

Advanced Fencing is designed to draw upon the foundational skill set that was learned in Intermediate Fencing. In this class, we will focus on strategies and tactics to increase the fencer’s skills, including: fencing time, second intention, feints, indirect attacks, evasions, counter-attacks, fleche attacks, and more. Here you will think on your feet, be able to apply a vocabulary to the fencing moves and counter moves. Analyze others while they are fencing, and apply these principles and skills to improve your defense and attack. Have fun with your friends, enjoy friendly bouts. Start attending open fencing from 8 pm onward at the club.

  • Adult Advanced Fencing (ages 13 and up) 2 classes a week 1 hr each class (M-W, T-Th, W-F)