New Fencers Start Here:

    • Beginning Fencing  (1 month) $155 Monthly – Required for Recreational or Competitive, Optional for Historical

Beginning Fencing is a class designed to give a solid foundation on the basics of fencing and preparing students for bouting.

Students have the option to continue in the class to get even more comfortable in the sport, or proceed to more advanced classes. When students are ready to continue their journey beyond Level 1, they should consider purchasing their own fencing equipment.

Recreational Fencing Path

    • Intermediate Fencing  $185 Monthly Required for Recreational

Intermediate Fencing builds on the basics of fencing in two areas. 1. Core skills and expertise and 2. Strategic play to respond to other fencers actions and attacks. Both of these require the ability to separate fencing actions from noise, and then react back in the fencing language rather than in with emotion or theatrics. This includes focus on bladework, footwork, tactical drills, and competence in learning and speaking the fencing language.

      • Adult Intermediate Fencing (ages 13 and up) 2 classes a week 1 hr each class (M-W, T-Th, W-F)

    • Advanced Fencing  $185 Monthly Required for Recreational

Advanced Fencing is designed to draw upon the foundational skill set that was learned in Beginning/Intermediate Fencing. In this class, we will focus on strategies and tactics to increase the fencer’s skills, including: fencing time, second intention, feints, indirect attacks, evasions, counter-attacks, fleche attacks, and more. Here you will think on your feet, be able to apply a vocabulary to the fencing moves and counter moves. Analyze others while they are fencing, and apply these principles and skills to improve your defense and attack. Have fun with your friends, enjoy friendly bouts. Start attending open fencing from 8 pm onward at the club.

      • Adult Advanced Fencing (ages 13 and up) 2 classes a week 1 hr each class (M-W, T-Th, W-F)

Competitive Fencing Path

After completing the “Beginning” or “Intermediate Fencing” classes a student may ask to join the competitive program. This program develops the mental and the physical game as well as the fencer. It includes, fitness, flexibility, skill advancement, speed, strategy, strength, quick thinking, emotional mastery, resilience, team spirit, reffing skills, advanced footwork, retraining of basic skills,  a winning mindset and the ability of have fun while doing that. Competitive students start to participate in local competitions, Junior Olympic qualifiers (where TFC students do well), as well as Regional and National events.

Historical (HEMA) Fencing Path

This program will introduce you to the martial arts of the European knights and musketeers. It teaches the skills and techniques that modern fencing descended from. The introductory class will introduce you with Longsword, Heavy Saber and Rapier. These classed are taught in a safe and fun environment (protective gear is provided) and it follows the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) guidelines.

It covers the history of the martial arts, from where the modern sport of fencing has descended. It provides an understanding of the the basis of combat, which is intriguing and an important part of our history. HEMA combat fundamentals include:

• Footwork and distance
• Unarmed techniques
• Practical considerations of fighting with sharp and heavy weapons
• Sparring, attack and defense fundamentals
Equipment is provided, though students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own mask and jacket if available.

Fitness Classes

TFC provides fitness classes (Yoga classes and Cardio Barre) for its students and members, The fitness classes are designed to improve the core strength, flexibility, stamina, and mental balance of the participants.

The Yoga classes are open all members and their family at no extra charge. Drop in visitors are also welcome and can pay per class or monthly.

The Cardio Barre classes are reserved for its competitive students and students of other classes coach permission is required for a student to participate if there is a time conflict with their designated class. Parents are welcome to join – depending on class size.

Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Sat 11:30 pm to 3:00 pm (Weekend events take priority)
  • Mon-Fri Open Fencing from 8:00 pm to 10:45 pm
  • Sat Open Fencing from 12:00 pm to 2:45 pm (Weekend events take priority)
  • Non-member entry only during Open Fencing hours
    • No entry will be allowed before then
    • Please pay floor fee, for fencing


* Highly encouraged to take one Private Lesson a week. Club Membership required.