Camps with The Fencing Center!

Learn To Fence Camp

En Gard & Touche!
During The Fencing Center’s “Learn To Fence” Camp, participants will develop sharp focus, coordination, agility, balance, and endurance. This five-day camp will give each student instruction in the art of fencing. Every class will include daily warm up, games, footwork, attacks, fundamentals of defensive actions and fencing with a partner.
Who should attend: Boys and Girls ages 8 to 16 who are new to the sport.
What to bring: T-shirt, long exercise or sweatpants (no shorts), athletic shoes, water bottle and lunch.
All fencing equipment is provided.
Tuition/Format Option: 5 day – 5 hour Camp: $525
If you sign up for additional camps, you will receive a $75.00 discount for each extra week.

Pre-Nationals Training Camp

This camp is designed to bring together all the concepts we have learnt this fencing year. It will physically and mentally challenge and cement in the learning to prepare the mind for the forthcoming year and the upcoming competitions.

Emphasis will be on…
• Drills • Footwork • Conditioning
• Strategy & Tactics, More Strategy
• Preparations
• High-Pressure Situations
• Decision Making and Clear Tactical Choices.
All competitive fencers are strongly recommended to attend!
Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Tuition is $550.00 – paid by May 20th
$600.00 – paid by May 31st
$650.00 – Paid by June 15th

PreSeason Fencing Camp


Foil, Epee & Saber

Monday thru Saturday

Drills • Footwork • Conditioning Individual lessons • Strategy & Tactics

TFC’s Annual Youth and Junior Training Camp

Our camps are known for providing an enjoyable group and individual training experience. This is a camp designed for motivated youth and junior competitors. TFC offers this outstanding end-of-summer week-long camp, which is designed to give fencers a jump-start on the competitive season!

Space is limited. This camp offers to maximize individual attention for each and every fencer. This is a great camp to build up your basics and advance!

Reserve your spot early!

Time: 9:00 am-3:00 pm.

Tuition: $750.00 (TFC Members) or $850.00 (Non Members).

TFC Member Discount (-$50.00)
Bring a non-TFC member friend discount (-$50.00)